Sunday, November 19, 2006

Three-Day Weekend Update

I took a mental health day on Friday, sort of randomly, but it made me realize how much I needed a break from my routine. I was amazed at how much I enjoyed running errands when my time was entirely my own. The extended weekend rocked, including but not limited to these highlights:
  • On Friday, I woke up of my own accord, without the beeping alarm, groaning, and tense muscles that usually mark the workday.
  • I checked off my grandmother on my Christmas shopping list: porcini olive oil and a vegetarian cookbook.
  • We went to a game night with JG’s teacher friends and discovered the wonder that is Turbo Cranium. I still can’t believe that our team collectively managed to spell macadamia backward.
  • It took a lot of cordless screwdriving, but JG successfully hung three different decorative (and functional) elements, while I, ah, supervised: picture ledges over the sofa, a fabulous big clock, and ten coat hooks in the entryway. The house now gives the impression that we could have company and some class!
I have to pack up to go to work tomorrow and I’m realizing – I am not psyched to go in tomorrow. But you know what is almost as fun as a three-day weekend? That would be a two-day week, followed by a five-day weekend with lots of turkey and shopping. Booyah.

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janet said...

mental health days are SO important. If I ever own a business I will offer them to employees.

Woo hoo for a 2 day work week (I have 3 myself, and they are going to be painful since I haven't worked since November 3rd!!!!! eek)