Tuesday, February 6, 2007

100 for the Hundredth

In honor of my centennial entry, I present 100 things about me, including some I’ve already revealed around here. I’ll try and elaborate on some of these in the future, too.

Let me know if you make to end of the list!

  1. I was born and raised in southeastern Connecticut.
  2. My dad is a civil engineer and my mom is a teacher.
  3. I have one sister who is four years older than I am. She and I are eerily similar in regard to mannerisms but vastly different in terms of taste.
  4. I am Asian, but when someone asks me where I’m from, I automatically say Connecticut.
  5. I like to think that I’m a good source on how to be respectful when discussing race. I have a few really good examples up my sleeve of when people were not tactful. Or I guess they could be really bad, depending on how you look at them.
  6. It was my parents’ intention that I would play classical piano, so I started taking lessons when I was 7. Today, I am grateful that I can read music pretty fluently.
  7. My future as a pianist was sidelined by competitive gymnastics. Three years after I started taking classes, I began competing at the age of 9.
  8. I trained for 30-40 hours a week, depending on the time of year, in the hopes of making it to the Sydney Olympics.
  9. I didn’t make it. I chose to quit gymnastics at the age of 13 because I was very stressed out.
  10. A down side to the gymnastics was that I was never allowed to do any other kind of physical activity due to the risk of being injured. I’m glad that I learned how to swim before all of that. I learned how to jump rope in high school; as a result, I am terrible at it.
  11. An up side to the gymnastics career was that I discovered an awesome human trick that has trumped all others I’ve encountered. I can lie on the floor on my stomach and arch my back so that my feet go over my head and land on the floor. Then I can stand up.
  12. I was in practically every club in high school except for a sport. My favorites were colorguard in the marching band and drama club.
  13. I never paid attention to the football games; they were just an arena for band performances.
  14. My colorguard friends started calling me RA and it has stuck ever since.
  15. Variations have included Amon-Ra and RaRa.
  16. In my junior year, I played mean people in both of the plays: Juror #4 in Twelve Angry Jurors and Baroness Elsa Schräder in The Sound of Music. It was so much fun.
  17. I applied to seven colleges during my senior year. I don’t recommend that to anyone.
  18. I went to the University of Delaware for chemistry because I wanted to become a brilliant pharmaceutical chemist and get a PhD.
  19. I took two semesters of only math and science and realized that I missed reading and writing. So I switched my major to English and kept a chemistry minor. I’m fairly certain that I am in the very small minority of English majors who also took Instrumental Methods of Analysis and Intro to Biochemistry.
  20. I had a concentration in Business/Technical Writing, which can cover anything from writing instructions for machinery to writing advertising copy. I enjoy organizing information, doing layout, and proofreading, so it was a perfect fit for me.
  21. People assume that, since I was an English major, I have a complete hold on the English language. Even though I loved Eats, Shoots & Leaves, I do not wholly grasp all of the nuances. English is hard.
  22. What I do know (how to use apostrophes correctly, the difference between lie/lay and that/which, when to use objective vs. subjective pronouns) I know very well.
  23. I am trying to become a better writer, by which I mean a communicator through the written word. A picture might be worth a thousand words, but I want to see what I can do with a thousand words.
  24. I love to read and I love getting book recommendations almost as much.
  25. My favorite author is Madeleine L’Engle and I have a running list of her books that I do not currently own in case I run into them somewhere.
  26. I am addicted to used book stores; it’s almost impossible for me to pass one without at least going inside.
  27. My favorite Madeleine L’Engle book is A Swiftly Tilting Planet. I have three different copies and I read it probably every other year just because I miss it.
  28. I still really enjoy chemistry, especially the periodic table. It’s a thing of beauty.
  29. If you accidentally get me started, I will pontificate on the wondrous properties of water. It is amazing, amazing stuff.
  30. I will celebrate Mole Day with anyone will will celebrate it with me. Experience has taught me that Mole Day is not as much endearing to people as it is annoying. I’ve been forced to repress jokes about avocados and molasses.
  31. I love puns more than anyone probably should. My mom gave me a 21-pun salute for my 21st birthday and I still have it. I’m one in a bullion!
  32. During my freshman year, I went to Trinidad for a missions trip and it was amazing. It wasn’t a bad way to spend two weeks in January, either.
  33. I met my husband, JG, in our first week at UD.
  34. JG and RA are the nicknames we use for each other. When we’d meet for brunch on weekends, we called it “JARG time” because it’s an anagram of our “initials”. We call our inside jokes JARGon because we are that cool.
  35. JG and I started dating in the beginning of sophomore year. If you ask him, JG will not hesitate to tell you how I reacted when he brought me flowers on our first date.
  36. We both worked at a summer camp for a few years (2 for me, 3 for him) as lifeguards and program facilitators.
  37. It was probably the most thankless work I ever did, but I made some of the best friends of my life. It was a good life experience to do thankless work, too.
  38. JG and I learned how to climb and belay at camp. I still really like to climb, but we don’t get out nearly as much as we’d like.
  39. I studied abroad in London during our five-week winter session. I loved that I could walk everywhere, do my reading in the British Museum, and see plays all the time.
  40. While overseas, I spent a weekend in Scotland. It was gorgeous and freezing cold in the highlands.
  41. Much to my parents’ relief, in the summer before senior year, I finally got an internship that could actually go on my résumé. I was a technical writer for research students in UD’s civil engineering program.
  42. I knew nothing about structures but I learned to love bridges with the sort of affection that most people lavish on houses or gardens.
  43. My favorite bridges are the Delaware Memorial Bridge and the Brooklyn Bridge. So far.
  44. During my internship, we all took the Myers-Briggs type indicator and I was an ISTJ. When I read the description, it was scary-accurate.
  45. JG proposed the day we moved in to college for our senior year. I said yes.
  46. Finishing school, finding a job, and planning a wedding were a bit too much for me. I think I could have handled two out of the three things, but all three made for a lot of stress.
  47. We were married in June 2005. We loved every minute of our budget wedding and wouldn’t have changed a thing.
  48. I experienced my first no-stress vacation during our honeymoon cruise in the Caribbean and I would recommend it to anyone.
  49. On the first anniversary of our engagement, JG and I found out that the offer we made on the house we wanted was accepted!
  50. In October 2005, we moved out of our apartment into a house in the Mushroom Capital of the World. Veggie mushrooms, not druggie ones.
  51. I am at my most geeky when I’m using Excel. I try to incorporate it into as many aspects of my life as possible, like wedding planning, Christmas shopping, and blogging.
  52. I get unnecessarily excited when I put together a formula and workbook that just plain work.
  53. I’m also really geeky when I subconsciously anagram words or try to make up palindromes.
  54. Anagramming makes me pretty good at playing Scrabble, which is one of my favorite games. It also has fun derivatives that I love to share with people.
  55. I love to play games in general, especially Cranium, Catch Phrase, and Apples to Apples.
  56. It’s disappointing to JG that I don’t like cards very much, but I don’t mind dealing for Texas Hold ’Em.
  57. We’ve discovered that I’m a good teacher for Texas Hold ’Em for girls who might be intimidated. I think the key is a list of the hands in order of “value” and then playing as a team with whispered commentary.
  58. I’m not as proficient a cook as I would aspire to be. Hot oil and flame generally freak me out.
  59. I really enjoy baking, especially if it requires the use of my mixer. When I make dinner, it’s usually a casserole so that I can bake it.
  60. JG and I watch our TV shows religiously. My favorites are How I Met Your Mother, Gilmore Girls, CSI, and Best Week Ever.
  61. I watch the Food Network compulsively. I hang on every word from Alton Brown, but Emeril makes me want to claw my eyes out.
  62. I also watch HGTV all the time. I think it’s gotten worse since I have a home I can decorate with something other than posters and putty.
  63. If I were on What Not to Wear, they would take away my collection of v-neck cardigans. And then my drawer of funny socks.
  64. If I were a Friend, I’m afraid that I would be Monica.
  65. I am terrible at anything involving hitting, catching, throwing, or kicking a ball.
  66. I am a very good spectator and cheerleader as long as I know what side I’m on and what they’re trying to do. Sometimes I need a quick tutorial, but after that, I’m good.
  67. When I was a child, I constructed my opinion of football from beer commercials, which made me think that it was only for overweight, body-painted men who liked their cheerleaders buxom and blonde. I’ve since learned that it’s not just for them.
  68. Watching UD football has helped to broaden my view of the game, but my tolerance for sports is still relatively low.
  69. I love comfort food. Give me pasta or meatloaf over dessert any day.
  70. To go carb-free would be a form of torture for me.
  71. I don’t really enjoy chocolate even though I’m not allergic to it. I know that it’s kind of unfeminine of me, but there it is.
  72. I highly prefer fruity candy to chocolate, especially Swedish fish or Twizzlers.
  73. I love root beer and my favorite dessert is a root beer float.
  74. My favorite color is green, but not in sickly shades. You know which ones I mean.
  75. I have a very weak stomach. I need to avert my eyes whenever those dive-in shots come up in CSI. I can’t really handle any scene with the coroner.
  76. I love to ride roller coasters, which is surprising to most people.
  77. I’m petite in every way; there are 15 inches between JG and me. He would like to clarify that he is “not not petite”, from a chubbiness perspective. He is a beanpole, if you really wanted to know.
  78. My most frequent facial tics are raising my right eyebrow and rolling my eyes.
  79. I type from the home row and very quickly.
  80. JG and I prefer to host the party rather than be guests because cooking and cleaning up is a fair trade for not having to drive.
  81. I would rather be a passenger in any vehicle than drive. I’m a good co-pilot; I’ll hand you money for tolls, hold a soda, change CDs, and look for street signs or house numbers.
  82. I still drive the car in which I passed my driver’s test. I’m afraid that whenever it dies, I’m going to have to relearn everything.
  83. I am terrible with directions and spatial reasoning in general.
  84. I am, however, very good at loading the dishwasher to maximum capacity, which doesn’t really make sense.
  85. I would love to be a backup singer for someone. I enjoy singing harmony much more than the melody.
  86. My favorite movie is The Emperor’s New Groove and I have seen it over 35 times.
  87. If I had my way, I would buy everything online.
  88. I am a very good bargain shopper. JG says I can sniff the air and know whether something is on sale. I love to display my purchases and say, “Originally priced at X, but I got it for Y!”
  89. This pride spills over into everyday conversation when, instead of thanking someone in response to a comment like, “Nice sweater,” I say something bizarre like, “Ann Taylor Loft, ten bucks!”
  90. I feel uneasy if I don’t have anything to write on and with.
  91. I take notes in bullet form, with dashes.
  92. I kept a journal faithfully from the age of 8 to 18. I’m glad that moving out of my parents’ house has forced me to stop looking back at the stack of journals because, clearly, I was a raving lunatic.
  93. I love learning new words and trying to incorporate them into my conversations.
  94. For the most part, I am a very good speller, except for a few recalcitrant words that always seem to end up with red, squiggly lines underneath them.
  95. When I was in fifth grade, I was buzzed out of the state spelling bee because I misspelled “plethora”. You can bet that I know how to spell it now.
  96. I am not a morning person and I emerge from bed very, very grumpy.
  97. I love stationery and I have a habit of hoarding blank cards. You never know when you can use them!
  98. I am startled very easily, but I don’t readily admit to being tense or uptight.
  99. I hate surprises, especially ones that involve people jumping out of dark places and yelling at me. Please don’t do that to me. I’m more likely to burst into tears than to be glad to see you.
  100. I am horribly nearsighted.


L Sass said...

Wow. I have a lot of comments on this one!!

4. This made me laugh, because the colleague who I work most closely with at work is also an Asian and from Connecticut, and he is one of the WASPiest guys I know. This is a frequent topic of conversation in my office.

6. I was also forced into piano at age 7, and it was a great decision. I'm no virtuoso, but it's nice to be able to bang out Christmas carols!

10. I was a competitive figure skater, and also never got to do other sports! I've still never been downhill skiing, since it was forbidden to us.

31. I love, love, love the 21 Pun Salute. PLEASE post it?

51. I have a feeling that if I knew Excel better, I would love it even more. My dad made me an amazing budget tracker in Excel that totally satisfies my anal retentive needs.

94. I'm also a great speller, but I can never ever spell guarantee. It always looks wrong to me.

99. I also hate people sneaking up on me. On my first date with AS, I backed myself up against a building so that I could see him coming from all angles.

I really enjoyed these facts about you!

janet said...

This was fun to read! There are some thing where we are really similar and others where we are complete opposites!

alyndabear said...

I made it, I made it! :D

And I'm with Laurel - 21 puns, 21 puns!

zandria said...

Interesting list! I love reading these things.

Very interesting that you used to train for competitive gymnastics. I've always held people in awe who have that much dedication to something.

An English major with a Chemistry minor! I'd say that combination is pretty rare indeed. :)

Speaking of your love for Scrabble: I'm reading "Word Freak" right now. It's good!

jen said...

very interesting!

so, is RA pronounced "rah" like a cheerleader or the intials R.A.?

a couple of random comments on your list:

1. "a wrinkle in time" is one of my most favoritist books, but i don't remember "a swiftly tilting planet" so i'll have to go back and re-read that one.

2. how can you love the delaware memorial bridge!?! it doesn't seem particularly attractive and it's a traffic nightmare.

alana said...

Based on this list, I think that you and I might just be the exact same person. Just letting you know :)

(Except for the math thing that is. Which means you're me, only smater.)