Friday, April 20, 2007

Summing Up

  • The conference is over.
  • My feet hurt.
  • My suitcase is packed.
  • My flight back home leaves in six hours.
  • I didn’t ever get to In-n-Out.
  • I’ll get home at 7am.
  • JG will be a sight for sore eyes.
  • I’ll crash for two hours of sleep before getting up to run an event for my church.

And then sleep, sweet sleep.


L Sass said...

Boo for no sleep!

Welcome home!!

janet said...

That makes two of us who went all the way to the other coast and never ate an In n Out burger! darnit!

Welcome back!

alyndabear said...

Hey, welcome back! I can't believe I forgot to post that a couple days ago. =X Hope you're well rested!

janet said...

Oh! You need some In n Out! Next time for sure!