Wednesday, August 9, 2006


JG and I were watching TV tonight when a commercial prompted me to point and say, “Ooh, look, it’s LL!”

JG: Who is that?
RA: …LL?
JG: LL who?
RA: Uhhh…
JG: No, who do you think it is?
RA: No, wait! It’s… The Bus?
JG: Okay, and who is The Bus?
RA: He’s a football player…who had asthma…and is in a commercial for asthma…with kids who have asthma…
JG: Very good, and what’s his name?
RA: (grasping at straws) It’s…it’s… JEROME BETTIS! YES!

High five!

How the heck did I manage to come up with Jerome Bettis? For what it’s worth, I still kind of think he looks like LL Cool J. At least a little bit.

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