Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Time Warp

Last night, I was emailing a friend when I unconsciously referenced my “crazy week”. I saw the words appear in my message window, and I paused, thinking, Wait a minute, what day is it?

Oh, right, I remembered, it’s only Tuesday, even though it feels like Thursday, energy-wise. Even more disappointing – Thursday would mean that I would only have to work in the morning the next day so that JG and I could invade our fabulous friends’ beach house in Avalon, NJ, for a long-ish weekend away. As much as our previous vacation was an extended break, it was not so much about the alone time, so I’m looking forward to this weekend for that.

Back to reality. It was only Tuesday, and I hadn’t actually had a crazy week; I had only had a crazy two freaking days. That’s not even halfway through the week! I backspaced sadly and typed, “crazy couple of days,” with a sinking feeling.

This morning, JG asked me, “Is it Friday? Because I feel like it’s Friday.” It can’t be a good sign if my hallucinations are spreading.

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