Tuesday, April 17, 2007

From the Other Coast

Somewhere between bouncing back from vacation, reorienting myself to working, and preparing to leave town again, I completely forgot to mention that I was flying across the country. I’m in Los Angeles for a conference for work, so I’ll be surprised if I’ll get a chance to set foot on Rodeo Drive and window shop. This week will consist of suits, schmoozing, and shaking hands; in short, a whole lot of fun. Rolling my eyes.

I got a call from one of my co-workers last night, informing me that our flight was leaving at 8:30am the next day. This call wouldn’t have startled me so much, except that the flight was originally scheduled to depart at 10am. And I hadn’t packed yet. And I was covered in bread flour. I had to reschedule my shuttle pick-up for 5:45am – Heaven, help me – and I raced around to pack since I actually had to get to bed at a decent hour. Although I had interpreted the flight change as a bad omen for the week, I made it to my flight with plenty of time to eat breakfast and I managed to sleep during 4 out of the 5.5 hours on the plane. After a yummy lunch, I’m settling into my hotel room and steaming out wrinkles from my clothes. Oh, the glamorous life of a business traveler.

The major up side to being out here is that I have three whole evenings available for dinners out with my co-workers, so I’m trolling for restaurant recommendations. I did zero research before coming out here because I knew I’d be holed up in a conference center for 12 hours straight, but I forgot about dinners. What food is indigenous to Los Angeles? A girl’s got to eat, you know.


janet said...

In n Out burger?

Have fun on the left coast!

L Sass said...

I know little about SoCal besides In n Out, but Janet beat me too it. Delicious!

Bring some sun back to the East Coast!

s'mee said...

If you are going to do fast food...In-N-Out -definately a SoCAL staple.

alyndabear said...

Janet, I was about to say that too!! Hilarious, that was our first take out meal while we were in LA a couple of years back. Those burgers and chips.. mmm..

Aimee said...

Oh my goodness, I can't believe all the "in and out" people.
I would have directed you to some celebrity siting hot spots, but I'm too late. Sad.