Monday, June 18, 2007

Contentment, Almost

Saturday really made me feel like I got a weekend. Sometimes, the two days are packed full of chores and bustle so I don’t feel a significant difference between Sunday’s rest and Monday’s routine.

When I think back, it’s not that JG and I did anything spectacular; we just did a few things with the right mixture of activity and rest. The morning was free and lazy. We drifted around in our pajamas, watched The Soup and Best Week Ever, and caught breakfast when we felt like it. JG mowed the lawn before we left to meet a friend at the climbing gym that afternoon and I was intent on recovering from my less-than-stellar workout on Tuesday. Let’s just say that the ratio of falling to climbing was so high as to inspire the term “high-gravity night.” Apparently, gravity had lessened its hold because I finished two long-standing projects and we all had a much improved day of climbing.

Later that evening, JG and I sat at a laminate table in a local Italian restaurant, one of those neighborhood joints with vinyl seats, metal pizza-pan holders on each table, and gigantic menus. After sharing an order of fried mushrooms (every restaurant in Kennett Square has them and they’re always good), we settled into our respective entrees: vegetable primavera for me and a cheese steak Stromboli for him. Quiet fell over the table – the sound of people simply not talking because they were busy enjoying their food.

“Today was a really good day,” I said slowly, breaking the silence.

JG nodded. “Yeah. I feel like we got a lot done, but it wasn’t rushed or anything.”

I nodded along. I had a serene feeling that I was in exactly the right place with exactly the right person. I wanted to wrap up the sensation and save it for another day.

JG continued, “I don’t know what could make this day any better. Except maybe a doggie…”

Ah, yes. JG’s campaign to add a furry friend to our home has not gone unnoticed. I have started to run out of excuses as to why we aren’t ready to accommodate a dog and our friends have gone out of their way to show me their dogs’ most favorable sides. The fact that JG’s concession of naming privileges represented a considerable bargaining chip is not lost on me. It’s a clear indicator that JG’s picture of happiness is incomplete without a dog curled up at his feet.

In other words, we’re getting a dog.

(JG is doing a happy shimmy in the background.)

Today is JG’s last day of the school year. Tomorrow, he will start to apply to shelters, propose dogs from PetFinder, and research electric fences. That serene feeling I wish I had saved is no longer with me. I’m three-quarters through Marley & Me: Life and Love with the World’s Worst Dog, so visions of chewed furniture, soiled carpet, and a backyard full of land mines dance through my head. I’m trying to distract myself by finding really good name candidates. After all the negotiation and discussion we’ve had, maybe we should be frank and name the dog Compromise.


janet said...

whoa, how exciting!!!!!!! Are you gonna name him Walter? Walterina?

L Sass said...

YAY!!! Puppy!!! Now, it's up to JG to train the dog really really well so that you can live with him.

That weekend sounds great! I had fun-fun-fun and had really felt like I had a vacation, but now I'm exhausted.

heidikins said...

That's fantastic! A good friend of mine just got a new dog, and I went over to meet her last night; 157 pounds of black and white Great Dane, and I gotta admit, I was immediately in love. And my name suggestion is the one that stuck. :) Named her Rockstar, calling her Roxy for short. :)

mcgee said...

hey ra,

i just stumbled across your site from whoorl's. congrats on the new dog-to-be! trust me, the love and devotion you'll get will be completely worth the headaches early on.

i hope you don't mind that i don't capitalize =P.

- mcgee

alyndabear said...


Being a dog freak, I think I'm much more excited than you, hehe, oh no!

You will soon be attached to your furry friend. =)

e.b. said...

new here - but i love the idea of having that perfect moment where you feel you are in the right place. i get it. as for the dog - they are a lovable joy, hope you end of feeling the same about Compromise.