Sunday, June 25, 2006

One Down

A year ago today, I became a Mrs.

The Mrs. thing is strange on its own, but it's really surreal that a year has already gone by. Our big day flew in the face of all of those wedding magazines, complete with my dress from J. Crew, barbecue chicken for lunch, and a location that put us back a whopping $60. JG and I had so much fun and we ended up married at the end of the day, so that was good enough for us.

And how did JG and I celebrate our very first anniversary? By going to a wedding, of course! Our close friends had been engaged for what seemed like forever, and it was great to be there for them yesterday. The best part was when they said their vows and we knew that we were saying them at the same time. Plus, we got to dress up, dance the night away, and hang out with our friends who were at and in our own wedding, and that's pretty hard to beat.

I’ve never been much of a sappy feelings person – that would be JG in our relationship – so I’m not very good at saying the things people usually do about being married or in love. I don’t really even say that I’m in love; I just know that I love JG. I love coming home to him, cooking really heavy casseroles for him, and reminding him that yes, we have people coming over for dinner on Tuesday. I love that he puts up with my utter lack of knowledge about dogs (“Why don't they make the chow in mini size?”), prefers me in sweats and without makeup on, and lets me listen to show tunes while he plays video games. You know it's love when he tolerates hearing "Luck Be a Lady" while his NCAA football game is on mute.

I’ve heard that you’re only a newlywed for the first year, and I don't mind passing off that baton to our just-married friends. I’m pretty sure that I’ll still catch myself admiring my rings, and JG will still laugh at me for it. And that’s okay.

Fine, that was kind of sappy.

Happy Year, kiddo.

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