Monday, October 16, 2006

Double Feature

I can’t remember the last time I was so tired after a weekend. It was fun, don’t get me wrong, but, oh, the tiredness. Saturday was a double whammy of college football consisting of UD’s homecoming game against Hofstra and then driving up to a friend’s house for the much-anticipated Penn State game versus Michigan. UD and Penn State hadn’t won games in the same weekend, so this was the weekend to break the trend. In SportsCenter style, here are the highlights:

  • I was surprisingly peppy in the morning, as evidenced by my running up the stairs from our bedroom, punching the air (Rocky-style), and yelling, “IT’S GAME DAY!” at the top of my lungs. JG stared at me blankly, then asked who I was, because his wife sure didn’t run in the mornings, much less glory over game day.
  • We had a perfect fall day with a supersaturated blue sky for our tailgate, and I must say that eating bratwurst is nicely complemented by seeing multiple generations of Blue Hens converge upon a practice field for the sake of outdoor grilling, throwing foam footballs, and wearing blue and gold.
  • As we were packing up our meal, my phone vibrated unexpectedly in my jeans, and surprise! It was my freshman-year roommate and our whole band of friends from our hall! We headed over to their tailgate, where numerous cases of beer had already met their demise; it was a lot of "HEY, how are you?!" and "I can't believe you remember that!" I hadn’t seen these guys in about a year, and they're all moving and getting fabulous jobs and going to grad school – what the heck?
  • After at least a half hour of yelling at/catching up with my friends over the sound of someone’s thumping bass system and someone else’s car alarm, I was good and hoarse, which was convenient for the yelling I was about to do during the football game, since our boys can’t seem to tackle anyone. We won in sloppy fashion, but I’ll take it.
  • The Penn State game was more of a knitfest for me than anything due to certain promises made, but I do remember two Penn State quarterbacks getting concussions, which left the third-string guy having to try and win the whole thing. I also recall yelling at two football players to stop fighting as if I were someone’s mom – “Hey, you two! Stop that right now!” – when they were actually blocking, or something.
  • I committed what I'm sure is Penn State blasphemy when, in response to the claim that it would be poetic for Joe Paterno to die on the football field, I retorted, “How does that poem go? There once was a man named Joe…” Thankfully, one of the other girls chimed in with, “…and it was his time to go…” We were just kidding, and I know it’s morose to limerick-ize someone’s death, but seriously, how is that poetic? I think it would be traumatic. It would have to be after a come-from-behind win over Notre Dame at Beaver Stadium or something. I’m sad to report that Penn State couldn’t pull it out against Michigan, and there was no joy in Mudville.
  • I knitted my way through the football game and through the ultimate Frisbee game the next day. (I don’t do Frisbee; it was better for me to sit in a sleeping bag, looking like an amputee from war, than to run around and pretend like I could actually catch something and be useful.) And yes, I did it! I managed to finish all three scarves for JG’s volleyball seniors, even with knotting fringe at the ends and making them presentable with twirly ribbon. I stayed up until 1am, and that’s an hour I haven’t seen in quite a while. Mondays are hard enough, but sleep-deprived Mondays are just wrong.

Needless to say, I am bushed from all of that, but I guess that’s the high price of a really fun weekend. Maybe that’s why those party-hopping celebrities go into the hospital for exhaustion all of the time.

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