Monday, October 2, 2006

Spirit and Soreness

This weekend, JG and I attended the UD football game against New Hampshire, the #1-ranked Division 1-AA team in the country. He grilled burgers for dinner while I sat in the back of the Subaru. We had great football weather – snappy breezes and some low clouds – and it was exciting to be at the stadium for a night game. We even busted out our blue-and-gold, tacky-but-spirited scarves for the evening.

New Hampshire won with a score of 52-49, which is much closer than we expected it to be, but our defense could have been so much cleaner. I think it’s safe to say that I have never screamed as much as I did at the game. In my four layers of UD clothing, I hopped all over as we scored 7 touchdowns (!) and messed up 2 blitzes. I was that tiny, high-pitched girl who knows more about football than you’d give her credit for, especially when I hollered bloody murder about those flubbed sacks that went on to become touchdowns. For the love…!

I’m paying for my enthusiasm today; my throat is not happy with me. Even with the soothing/burning sensation of hot chocolate on the way home, tea on Sunday, and a conscious effort not to talk too much, my voice is two octaves lower than it should be. My reward for my team spirit was a sore and scratchy throat, accompanied by sneezing and coughing. Ugh. I don't care, Saturday's volume was worth today's discomfort! After all, the team needed me!

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I was at the game as well. Very entertaining! I write about it, if interested, here:

bill k