Saturday, October 21, 2006

'Tis the Season

We’re knee-deep in it now, so I can finally say it without being smacked upside the head with annoying Indian summer: I love fall. This love was originally fueled by the death of my seasonal allergies and the beginning of school – oh, the joy of brand new school supplies! – but these days, I like to think that my affections have developed some maturity.

Fall is the time of year to wear corduroy and wool without feeling oddly overlayered, and I can bust out my favorite red, fuzzy scarf, after its patient hibernation in the coat closet. The commute that I breezed through only a week ago has become an ever-changing display of leaf fireworks, much to my distracted dismay. Around these parts, leaves fall down as soon as they change color, and I just can’t take it in fast enough. The best sight of all is seeing the leaves all burnished and coppery from the setting sun; I take mental pictures with my eye because I know I can’t photograph it well enough. I’ll start to bring soup for lunch and JG and I will plan to carve pumpkins and toast seeds. Soon, we’ll start stocking up candy for the local superheroes and princesses, and my schemes for fun Halloween costumes can finally take shape, haha! On the weirder side, I observe that the neighboring front yards are cropping up with oversized outdoor decorations that the inventor of the snow globe surely did not intend.

When I came home from work yesterday, I was bouncing around to the tune of “fall is so great”, and I persuaded to JG to take a stroll around the block with me so that I could snap photos of our neighborhood. I think I missed all of this last year because we were in the tumult of moving, but I am going to make a point of savoring it this year. I took my pictures while JG and I caught up on our Fridays, and it was great to be outdoors in the late afternoon. The air had that perfect chill that makes your ears turn pink around the edges, which made returning to our cozy house all the sweeter.

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