Friday, May 25, 2007

An Early Start

I didn’t mean to, but I’ve taken today off from work. (Woo!) See, I had every intention of working from home in the morning before JG and I leave for the weekend, but my laptop decided that it didn’t like our wireless network. It also didn’t like being connected via Ethernet cord. After some trial and error, I realized that my computer didn’t like to connect to anything that was not the docking station at my desk at the office. Which totally defeats the purpose of having a laptop. Argh.

Resigned, I submitted my helpdesk ticket to the tech team and turned in a revised time off form. In the end, I think it’s for the best for my sanity. This computer glitch gave me a four-day weekend and a whole morning to do laundry and prep what I needed for the weekend, and that’s always nice. I tend to be a miser when it comes to vacation hours, so this is probably a good exercise in not having control, even if makes me twitch.

Anyway, JG and I are headed up to Jersey this afternoon to spend the next few days with his family for the Memorial Day weekend. There will be grilling, hiking, and lying by the pool, and we’re coming home in time for a cookout with friends on Monday, so I believe we will have done our civic, American duty by reaching – nay – exceeding our fun quota. Booyah.

Happy Memorial Day! Best wishes for cool beverages and hot grills!


janet said...

happy extra-long weekend!! :)

Jummy said...

I hope you enjoyed your looong weekend! Is today a recuperation day (well, if the bbq is a mid-day thing)?

L Sass said...

Bet the tech guys aren't going to send you flowers this time!!

Hope the weekend was great!