Tuesday, May 29, 2007


As much as I enjoy it, having Monday off always throws me for a loop. I wake up, groggy as ever, with those Monday blues swinging through my brain, and then, the dawning realization that it is not Monday makes that grogginess seem, well, not as bad. It’s a slight improvement that I am willing to accept. Needless to say, I’m a bit disoriented after this long weekend.

Our time with JG’s family was a whirlwind of, um, lying around. I kept myself occupied (so to speak) by eating well, toasting marshmallows, and relaxing on a hammock. Oh, how I covet the hammock. Alongside his siblings, JG and I had our first experience with the Wii and I was completely unsurprised to find that it exposed my utter lack of coordination and depth perception. I was satisfied with cheering people on and taking fuzzy action shots. All in all, I couldn’t complain. We’re still working through the awkwardness inherent in having parents who are not used to having children who happen to be adults – or is that just weirdness that we have?

On Monday, we went to a friend’s house for a cookout, where there were hardcore games of badminton and quoits, mounds of yummy food, and a sweet border collie that I petted voluntarily. Reward, please! Despite a heavily humid morning, the soggy air cleared to reveal a gorgeous afternoon and an almost-full moon. JG hovered around the grill to show our host how to make “killer grill marks” and I brought a dessert called BerrymisĂș – a sweet combination of white cake, mixed berries, and whipped cream. It was appropriately red, white, and blue for a patriotic holiday but it was eaten so quickly that I have no photographic proof. I’ll have to keep that recipe around.

Dare I go there? All right, I will. I did, indeed, have a memorial weekend.

(Oh, that was pretty bad. I’m groaning with you.)


jen said...

i'm jealous that you have relatives with a pool!

L Sass said...

I got in some serious hammock time this weekend, too. I think they should do a study on how hammocks improve quality of life.

You and I can be the subjects!

heidikins said...

Berrymisu? Hello! Sounds fab!

Sijbrich said...

Berrymisu does sound really good. I think you should share the recipe.
Badminton rocks, too.