Sunday, May 20, 2007

Weekend Wrap-Up

Friends of ours held their first bonfire of the spring season and JG and I attended rather reluctantly because we were kind of tuckered out (I think that’s what they call being old) and we thought there would be a whole gang of people. As it turned out, it was just us and the hosts, so we had a relaxing night of toasting marshmallows, eating s’mores, and playing with the border collie that decided to hang out with us. The night smelled like summer camp and freshly-cut grass. It was great.

- - -

I went to a purported “spectacular” yard sale on Saturday morning and the event was rather falsely advertised, in my opinion. Among the scattered random junk, I found a solid wood end table that did not boast a price tag, so I hunted down the owner, who I found to be a rather gruff older lady.

RA: How much are you asking for this end table?
Owner: Oh, no price tag? $5?
RA: I’ll take it!
Owner: Oh, I should have asked for more than that. $10!
RA: I’ll give you $5.
Owner: There’s another one for sale in the house, you know.
RA: Really! I’ll take the two for $10, then.
Owner: The two will be $15 together.
RA: But two for $10 is the same as your original price.
Owner: Fine, $5 for the first and $10 for the second!

At that point, I had a feeling we were entering the twilight zone and I gave up on it. Who the heck raises a price at a yard sale?

- - -

Our house seems to be under the 2nd Annual Ant Siege and, judging from other folks, we’re not the only ones who have had to deal with it, as if that’s any consolation. Ugh. Having grown up in the middle of the woods, I used to think that I could handle any level of ant infestation, but now that the little soldiers have marched their way into our dishwasher, the creep factor has risen considerably. JG has officially declared war on the ants, but I wish they’d get the message and die already.

- - -

JG and I got to hang out with two of our best friends (here, on either side of me) at our house for Saturday and Sunday and the four of us had so much fun. It’s not that we went out and did a lot of stuff or had a crazy time, but because we only get to see them a few times a year, we take advantage of the time to just catch up on life and rehash all of the old inside jokes. Good times.


janet said...

An ant crawled across my screen as I read this post.

But more importantly, that lady is a terrible yard saler! I admit there were moments yesterday when I realized I priced things too low. But too bad for me! It wasn't like I could just change my mind; I had to suck it up and move on. Seriously, that is just stupid and I'm glad you didn't reward her with your money.

L Sass said...

Ha! That old lady violates rule numero uno of yard-sale-ing.

I am spending the weekend at my parents' cabin, where we will bonfire every night. I can NOT wait!

Sijbrich said...

Yeah, that lady was apparently a very bad sales lady. I wonder if she still managed to sell the tables.

zandria said...

What an awesome deal on those tables! I love yard sales. Pretty crazy that she was trying to raise the price because you agreed so quickly, though. :)