Friday, February 16, 2007

An Oldie, but Goodie

Those leftover marshmallows were annoying me. They’d been sitting by the microwave for months, holdovers from the chocolate fountain dipping bonanza at our New Year’s Eve party. Marshmallows don’t go bad, right? I didn’t know what to do with them, other than make s’mores, but it’s hardly campfire season. And then I bought a box of Rice Krispies. Oh, yeah.

It had been way too long since I made Rice Krispie treats and I can’t let myself forget their high ease-to-yumminess ratio. I watched the marshmallows melt into the yellow puddle of melted butter and suddenly, I was back in my parents’ kitchen. I was wearing a striped apron with sundry kitchen utensils poking out of the top of a big front pocket, standing on a footstool, and dumping cupfuls of Rice Krispies that my mother had measured into the mixture of butter and marshmallow. This time around, my arm ached a little as I folded in the cereal and I regarded it fondly, remembering how I never could incorporate it fully. Mom always had to finish it up for me. Then, we’d push it into a baking dish and it was cruel punishment to wait until it was solid enough to cut into bars. Why not just eat it gooey and warm, straight out of the pot? I would pull at the stubborn, stuck clusters of puffed rice on the side of the pot, stretching marshmallow strings until they gave way and that sweetened clump was all mine.

In preparation for baking cupcakes earlier in the week, I had inadvertently bought a package of no less than seventy-five valentine-themed cupcake wrappers (who needs that many?!). The stack of remaining cups inspired a stroke of genius around this particular project, if I do say so myself. Why make regular Rice Krispie treats when you can make cupcake ones? I lined a muffin tin with a dozen cupcake wrappers and used soup spoons to drop in chunky dollops. I topped them off with red, white, and pink sprinkles, which made for quite festive Rice Krispie treats. My co-workers were very pleased and not one of the snacks came home with me at the end of the day.

Fortunately, I had enough leftover “batter” to fill up two mini loaf pans, so now we have own stash at home. JG was also very pleased.


Mikaela said...

What's better than Rice Krispie treats? *Cute* Rice Krispie treats! :)

zandria said...

Dang! No wonder your arm hurt. That sounds like a lot of Krispie-treats! (By the way, I think the gooey, warm marshmallow consistency is the best, too.) :)

Waspgoddess said...

Yummy! We recently found ourselves toasting marshmallows over an open fire with some friends. It was just like being a kid again. There is something about their stickiness, their goeeyness, the way they are completely devoid of any nutritional value, that just sums up childhood.

Sijbrich said...

Oh my gosh, I love Rice Krispie Treats with a passion. They are so fast and easy, and I love to eat them when they are still a little warm, I don't have the patience to wait until they're completely cooled. I like the cupcake idea. Very clever.

L Sass said...

Oh man, I want a rice krispie treat now... Maybe I will make some this weekend!!