Sunday, February 25, 2007

Unrequited Girliness (and Cupcakes)

Last week, I received an e-vite for a girls-only Oscars party:

Come in your PJs and watch the stars! We’ll make popcorn, have some snacks and drinks and keep tabs on who is a Do and who is a Don’t! Who needs boyfriends/husbands when you’ve got Jake, George, Brad, and the rest of the Hollywood hotties in tuxes!

I wasn’t sure. I’m not very invested in awards shows – I usually skim the summary lists the day after – and the invitation came from one of JG’s teacher friends. We’ve hung out in groups for game nights, but I’ve never gone to a function by myself. Still, the idea of genuine girl time was attractive, since I don’t naturally seek out that type of company on my own. I’m no tomboy, but for whatever reason, girls were never my closest friends. This invitation intrigued me, and despite a little nervousness, I clicked the button indicating, “I can handle the red carpet!”

The party planner instructed us to “bring whatever” so I decided to make the girliest dessert I could think of that would be easy to transport. Eager to use up my superfluous valentine cupcake liners, I whipped up two dozen strawberry cupcakes, topped them with vanilla icing, and scattered the caps with pink sugar crystals. With my box full of sugary, glittery, all-girl treats, I felt ready. JG and I even watched Little Miss Sunshine yesterday so that I would know at least one of the nominees for Best Picture. I was all set. Here I come, Girl Time.

And then we got another storm.

Three inches of snow with sleet and rain for dessert mean that I’m watching the show on my couch, with no one to admire or eat my cupcakes. Well, that’s not exactly true. JG “took one for the team,” even though it was more like two or three. Even though I like being home when it’s snowing and I feel all cozy, I was really looking forward to dishing about the red carpet. I have no one to discuss with me how amazing Helen Mirren looked, what in the world Jessica Biel was thinking, or how many times Ryan Seacrest complained about being behind an azalea bush. Oh, well. I know I would have hated to be out on the roads in bad weather even more. It really was for the best, but I’m still kind of disappointed.

Maybe I’ll help myself to a cupcake.


L Sass said...

I had to watch the Oscars with two guys, too. It just wasn't the same to be with them when I rudely proclaimed "OMG. Nicole Kidman's hair looks GREASY." They thought I was being mean or something! Men.

PS-- the pancakes = awesome, awesome deliciousness. Thanks so much for the recipe!

Mikaela said...

Aw! I had to pass on an all-girls pajama Oscar party because of the storm, too. Bummer :P

alyndabear said...

I was there with you in spirit! (And would have definitely shared the cupcakes!) -- Jessica Biel is so gorgeous, yet even she couldn't pull of that horrid dress. Bleh. Now, more cupcakes please!

Waspgoddess said...

Oh, to be stuck inside with two dozen cupcakes on a stormy night! I never watch the AAs but I love complaining about the dresses the day after. This year the main complaint was that the dresses were all too safe. Where is Bjork when you need her?

Nice to see your picture. Is it taken with your new camera?