Thursday, March 29, 2007

Brain Equals Mush

Some weeks go by when you don’t have enough to do in the hours you have. You find yourself staring at the wall, wondering what movies are playing, and remembering that you should have called that guy about the thing. Other weeks are just right: you accomplish exactly what you intended to do in just about the time you had anticipated. Then there are weeks like the one I’ve had and there is no way you can finish everything you need to do in the time you have. Sure, the week passes quickly, but it’s kind of a curse because the time is running out!

There is a light at the end of this tunnel and I like to call it vacation. Yay! Next week is JG’s school’s spring break, so on Saturday, we’re packing up the Subaru to head off to Williamsburg, Virginia. The loose plan so far is to visit the historical section, eat at a recommended barbecue joint, and take a spin at Busch Gardens, with some lazing by a pool and reading scattered in there for good measure. We’re also going to visit with a high school friend of JG’s; she got engaged recently and we haven’t seen her since then, so it’ll be nice to hang out.

But honestly, my brain is fried. Thank goodness my to-do list at work is down to 2.5 items, or else Friday would be a very bad day. I can hardly string these sentences together, much less make the all-important packing lists because – gah! I haven’t packed yet! I don’t even know if I have to do laundry! My brain is so numb that I can’t even absorb the true gravity of those words. They’re just running into my skull and bouncing off. Thud.

In an effort to stop the insanity, I offer the following anecdote, without even a hint of a transition.

- - -

Last night, I was telling JG about a dream I had had the night before. I’m sure I’ll go into more detail with this topic in the future, but the back story is that I am very uncomfortable around big dogs and JG has been lobbying hard for the cause of He Wants a Dog. Anyway.

RA: So, I was wrestling with this huge dog and I was really really scared.
JG: Oh, man. Did you wake up?
RA: No, I noticed that the fur didn’t seem right. It was actually a person in a dog suit.
JG: Ah. Were you winning? Was the person you-sized or me-sized?
RA: Definitely you-sized.
JG: So you were definitely not winning.
RA: Right. But I don’t remember who won. I probably didn’t, but at the end, the person took off the dog suit … and it was you!
JG: Oh. I see why it was me-sized.
RA: Yeah. So, could we not talk about getting a dog so often? It is clearly causing me some anxiety here.
JG: Okay, okay.


alyndabear said...

LOL! Your dream sounds hilarious, sounds like you've been thinking about it too much. But puppy! I want a puppy! :)

Vacation, I am jealous.

Sijbrich said...

That is a very funny dream, your subconcious mind worked out the symbolism and everything just right.
So could you guys compromise and get a small dog? A little chihuahua that you could fit in your purse? Okay, kidding about the chihuahua, but maybe a dog smaller than JG could be an option?

jen said...

yes, get a small dog!

and have fun in williamsburg!

L Sass said...

Have a great trip! I have such great memories of my trip to Williamsburg as a kid. I have fewer great memories of the Williamsburg neighborhood of Brooklyn, but that's another story.

I want a dog, too! Maybe JG and I could get a dog together instead??

zandria said...

Yay for vacations! That is so cool. Do you know that I've lived in Virginia almost my entire life, and lived just an hour or so from Colonial Williamsburg for 7 years, and have NEVER been there? That's pretty sad. :)

janet said...

have a fabulous and romantic and relaxing vacation! I'll be jealous of you every day of it...

kris said...

PLEASE bring all of us some of that real Colonial Williamsburg garb, will ya? I love wearing frocks in the summer. So breathable.

Have a great time!!!