Monday, March 26, 2007


During the day, like so many other working stiffs, I sit in front of a computer and type away at a keyboard. My morning routine of consists of work e-mail, personal e-mail, and Google Reader. After time away from my desk, I jiggle my mouse to deactivate my screen saver and check to see if any e-mails have come in during my absence. My music library has been uploaded to my hard drive and my PDA syncs with my mail server to keep track of calendar items and send me alerts. I’m not as technologically-adept as some, but I am pretty wired. Even if I don’t like coffee.

When I get home from work, I dive right into personal e-mail and blogs that may have updated throughout the day. I work on future posts, correspond with friends, upload photos, or shop online. I realized that, in total, I can spend up to twelve hours in a day staring at a glowing computer screen, positioning my fingers on the raised bits on the F and J keys, and hearing the tap-dance rhythm of the keyboard.

Twelve hours is a bit much, I decided.

On Saturday, I took a break from using my computer. I slept in. I baked carrot cake cupcakes for my book study meeting and a loaf of weekend bread for JG. I read two hundred pages of my current book and cooked dinner. That was it. No e-mails sent, no Submit Purchase buttons clicked, and no glazed eyes in the aura of the laptop. I felt like I accomplished things – real, tangible things, not just pointing and dragging and touch-padding. There’s something to be said for actual accomplishment, I think.

Now, I’m back to the workweek and the busy thrum of the Information Super Highway, but I won’t hesitate to take a scenic detour every so often.


L Sass said...

I agree, it's so important to take a "technology fast" every now and then!! My parents have an Internet-free lake cabin that I visit every summer--it's completely cleansing.

By the way, why are there raised things on the F and J?

alyndabear said...

It's so scary how much time you can spend in front of the computer without even realising it !!

zandria said...

That is definitely a good thing to do! And most of the time I don't realize that until I've actually done it (stayed away from the computer for a day or two, that is). :)

Those cupcakes look divine!!

Jummy said...

Yes, a computer-free day or two every now and then is good. Don't make it a habit though, you hear?

(hehe, just teasing!)