Wednesday, March 14, 2007

From the Random Department

Today is Pi Day! Did anyone celebrate this with a kooky math teacher in their day? Well, JG is that math teacher. He left for work today wearing his “I Heart Pi” t-shirt and carrying geeky cookies and coffeecake for his geometry students. When nerds unite, their wives bake crazy stuff, or at least this one does.

Figuring out my March Madness brackets is number one on my to-do list when I get home. The deadline is looming, but since I don’t know anything about NCAA basketball, I hope it doesn’t take me that long. I usually go for UConn all the way, but they didn’t make the tournament this year – boo! – so that “strategy” is shot. I will have to revert to decision-making factors like which team’s colors I prefer, whether I know someone who attends that school (and if I like that person), and if I think one mascot would clearly win over another in a rumble. At least I have a system, right?

People talk about being chocoholics or workaholics and I want to know – where are they getting this chocohol? Or workahol? I understand that this strange suffix, “-holic,” comes from alcoholic, but in that initial case, the suffix is just “-ic.” Maybe it’s just not as snappy to say that someone is a “workic.” Doesn’t this usage downplay how serious alcoholism really is? Sure, you might really really really like shopping, but come on, now. If the Wiktionary definition is any indication, this bizarre -holism is getting out of hand. Skateaholic? Kayakaholic? Show me some kayakahol and we’ll talk.


L Sass said...

I love your Pi baking adventures!!! I can't believe how perfectly the cookies came out.

Best. Wife. Ever.

janet said...

I revoked my husband's membership to Geeks Anon today when I was the one reminding him it was Pi Day and not the other way around.

Angela said...

Your baked goods are way too funny. I'm so sad that I didn't celebrate, although I was aware.

alyndabear said...

I love Pi Day - but I haven't remembered its actual date since my own high school days.

(But I am a dork who ordered the "I'm a Noun!" tshirt from Threadless.. so.. I can't talk!)

Jummy said...

I'm really impressed with the perfection of those cookies, especially when I see the other pics and see that you used 4 separate pieces to make each cookie!

I was completely unaware of pi never came up in my high school :(