Thursday, March 1, 2007


I was sitting at the hotel desk, typing away to make up for a day without checking e-mail. Suddenly, the armoire holding the television shuddered noisily. The re-run of The Office skipped a beat. The floor trembled and my stomach flipped and flopped.

What was that?

I chalked it up to someone slamming their door down the hall and went along my e-mail way. The hotel where I was staying was hosting a technology conference and you never know what to expect from those rowdy techies.

Fifteen minutes later, the local NBC affiliate broke into The Office to announce that there had been an earthquake in Lafayette, which is a mere 20 miles from San Francisco. Sure, it was only a 4.2 on the Richter scale and, apparently, that’s “light” – insert finger quotes here – or something. I know San Francisco folks get used to these things, but come on! It was an earthquake! With tectonic shifting and everything! I had to hear the phrase “Richter scale” in reference to an area where I was currently located. What’s up with that?

This is why I didn’t apply to CalTech, Mom. The San Andreas Fault and I would not get along. I’ll take the predictability of good old East Coast blizzards, hurricanes, and humidity any day.


janet said...

It's funny, Stacy of Jurgen Nation just wrote about the very same quake. Glad you made it through! :)

I slept through my first and only earthquake so that was kinda disappointing, I have to admit.

zandria said...

It shook just for you! It was a "Welcome to San Fran Shimmy." :)

I was thinking the same thing as Janet...I just read about Stacy's earthquake experience (it was her first one ever).

I just noticed that you put a photo of yourself on the site! It looks great. So pretty. :)

alyndabear said...

Yiiiiiikes. I am so glad we don't have any big disasters here.. touch wood. Eep. I'd be a mess under the table.