Sunday, March 18, 2007

Nerd to the nth Power

I keep finding that no matter how well I think I know JG, he keeps topping himself. It’s not just that his itch to plant grass seed has sprung up earlier than last year. I can overlook the constant monitoring of no less than three unique March Madness brackets, complete with talking smack on the corresponding message boards. Tonight, however, JG hit a new high.

Thanks to one of his oft-read math blogs, JG discovered a source of great pleasure in The Klein Four, an a capella musical group made up of Northwestern University math graduate students. The blog featured a YouTube video of The Klein Four singing their original hit, “Finite Simple Group (of Order Two)”, from their album, Musical Fruitcake. From what I gathered from JG’s exclamations and bursts of laughter, the song lyrics contained a huge number of mathematical references within the context of a romantic relationship. “This is awesome,” he breathed.

JG hopped on the group’s website and became a fan before my very eyes. “Look at these lyrics! So cool! And they have other stuff!” My husband is not an impulse buyer by any means, but within fifteen minutes, he ordered Musical Fruitcake and a geeky-but-ominous t-shirt. JG mused gleefully, “I am totally playing this CD for my kids. They are going to hate it!” He exhibited a surprising level of restraint when he resisted the urge to buy the perfect classroom accessory: the modular wall clock. I’m so proud.

Don’t get me wrong - I could count the number of jokes I understood from the YouTube video on one hand, but I still thought it was clever and funny. Those grad students can actually sing! I mock, but I love that JG loves math so much. I really think it makes him a better teacher for his students and it’s sweet to see him so enthusiastic. Besides, he puts up with me when I wax poetic about how water’s specific heat and polarity make the world go ’round, but that’s another story.

I started typing while JG was finishing up his order of geek merchandise. He turned to me and said, “RA, I’m glad we’re a finite simple group of order two.”

“Um. You know just what to say to make a girl feel good.”

“I do think a simple connected graph with two nodes would be more accurate, but whatever. Let’s always be a finite simple group of order two.”


“Are you writing about me?”

“… Nope.”

“Are you lying?”


“I don’t care! I’m a nerd and I’m okay with it!”

Mm hmm. They say acceptance is the first step.


alyndabear said...

Oh you two, making me smile over here. I think his being so smart is very endearing. Give him a hug for me. ;) (From an English nerd, to a Maths nerd.)

s'mee said...

You two need to check out

i love your blog, it just makes me happy. : )

zandria said...

Sexy math geeks...rrrhhhoowwwrrr! :)

L Sass said...

I love geekiness!!! I feel the same way when AS takes apart a computer on a whim and then puts it back together. Rawr.

Jummy said...

Entries like this make me a) hope I find my geek (geeks make fantastic husbands and boyfriends from what I've seen) and b) look forward to married life.

You two are cute.

janet said...

I think you need to buy him a copy of Weird Al's "White and Nerdy." It's my husband's self-proclaimed Theme Song.

You should also check out this website for future gift-giving ideas:

janet said...

oops I just saw that s'mee already recommended it!